Anyone 18 years old, or older can sell their items at Pop Closet. We suggest that you send us pictures with a brief descripition of what you have for sale to, so we can pre evaluate your items.
After our pre selection you may schedule your appointment with us by phone or email , and bring with you a form of ID ( Cartão de cidadão or Passport) to your first appointment.
We consign clothing, shoes and accessories , modern or vintage, original and in re selling condition, clean, free of odors ,stains and rips. we value originality and quality so “fast fashion” brands are not accepted ( Zara, H&M, Mango, Massimo Dutti, pull & bear etc.) Luxury and heritage brands are preferred.
Consignements are handled by our team in accordance to to our clients profile , demand and inventory levels
The price of sale is agreed on both parts, and 50% of that amount is POP CLOSET sales comission in case the item is sold.
After 30 days consigned pieces will be discounted 20 % and after 60 days 50% of the pre agreed price. If you do not wish to sell your items discounted , please let us know and we will remove them from our racks after 30 days . You will have the following week to pick them up! Items left in our store after the allowed time will be given to charity!
The maximum allowence for a consignement is 90 days and any unsold items must be picked up after that period with no exceptions .
Exceptionaly POP CLOSET may offer to buy your items in advance for 30% of the final sale price , but only in very special occasions.
Payments for sold items are made at the end of each month by ATM transfer or may be picked up at our store if preferred.
For instore payments we pay cash in amounts up to 100 Euros and by check any other amounts and both will require the signature of a receipt provided.
If you don’t want to wait for your items to sell you can trade them right away for others in our store. You just need to lets us know and a 50% credit for your items will
become available for trade. This credit must be spent all at once in the same day. Not all the items at POP CLOSET are ilegible for trade.
At pop closet all transactions are final!